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    Health: 50 outdoor activities for little ones

    outdoor activities for kids

    50 outdoor activities for little ones

    Description: Allowing your kids to spend time outdoors goes beyond staying healthy. It helps to improve their self-esteem, confidence, and creativity. Here are some of the amazing outdoor activities that will increase your kids’ sense of exhilaration, adventure, and life’s challenge. 

    Staying indoors may be fun for your kids and easy for you. But when your little ones spend too much time indoors, it can lead to negative side effects that will affect them till adulthood. 

    Of course, every kid wants to spend quality time indoors watching TV or playing Xbox games. But you must always encourage them to engage in outdoor activities. 

    Different studies suggest that kids who spend time outdoors have more Vitamin D in their bodies and less prone to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and bone problems. 

    Similarly, another study suggests that spending too much time outdoors can lead to nearsightedness. According to the study, your kids’ eyes are still developing. And without exposure to natural daylight, they are prone to nearsightedness (myopia). 

    You see, not encouraging your little ones to spend time outdoors is a time bomb waiting to explode. And the health implications are much. 

    Again, when your kids spend time outdoors, they tend to be more creative, learn new things, improve their social skills, and stay more healthy. 

    Here are some outdoor activities for little ones that will enable them to learn naturally… 

    #1. Pavement Painting 

    Pavement painting is a unique outdoor activity that can foster your child’s creativity. It also instills the love of the outdoors in them. It’s one of the outdoor activities for adults who have little ones around them. 

    The best time for pavement painting activity is during a dry day. Give your child a bucket of water, a paintbrush, and an old sponge. Take them to a pavement stretch, a safe driveway, or a cement wall and draw pictures and patterns with the water. 

    Once you show them how to draw pictures and patterns, watch them as they happily draw different patterns and pictures using splashing, flicking, and smooth painting techniques. 

    #2. Digging For Treasure 

    Your kids will definitely love digging for treasure games. It’s a fun game that engages everybody at a time. It’s one of the best outdoor activities for your kids. 

    To play this game, you need spoons, spades, buckets, and treasure. Get small objects together and bury them inside a sandpit. If you don’t want to use a sandpit, you can fill a small box with soil and use it instead. 

    Once you bury the objects, give every kid participating a tool to start searching for the buried objects. 

    However, it’s advisable to keep the objects you want to bury in a resealable plastic bag before burying them. It’s one of the fun outdoor winter activities for toddlers. 

    #3. Wash and Dry

    Wash and dry is another excellent outdoor activity your toddler or preschoolers would love. And they won’t mind spending more time outdoors just to participate in wash and dry. 

    Don’t forget that any outdoor activity involving water is always fun for kids. But the best time for a wash and dry exercise with your kids is on a warm day. 

    So, get a bucket of water, add a baby shampoo to it, and add a clean sponge. After this, allow your toddlers to wash their bikes, tricycles, scooters, etc. with the soapy water. Once they are through, rinse off the soap from the objects, and dry them off with old rags or towels. 

    #4. Grow a Mini Garden together 

    Growing a mini garden is one of the best outdoor activities for toddlers. It introduces your little ones to the beauty of nature and makes them more curious about the world. And working with you in your mini garden gives your kids a great sense of accomplishment. 

    It’s easy, transplant seedlings that are already thriving into pots filled with soil, leave them in these pots as they grow. If you like, you can also transplant the seedlings directly on the soil. But whatever approach you want to use, always ensure that your little ones are with you. 

    #5. Hit the Street 

    Hit the street is one of the best fall outdoor activities for adults and kids. It’s adventurous and allows your kids to know your neighborhood better. 

    To make this activity more fun, allow your little ones to choose the route to take. Before you start the journey, draw arrows pointing at right, left, forward, and backward on index cards, keep the cards with you and start going. 

    Whenever you get to a fork in the road, let your little ones choose a card to determine which route to head next. 

    #6. Make Monster Bubbles

    Of course, every kid loves bubbles; it’s a fun outdoor activity to keep them busy. Teach them how to make a monster bubble and watch them spend their time as they make theirs excitingly. 

    To make monster bubbles, add a cup of dish wash soap to a gallon of warm water. If you like, you can add two or three teaspoons of glycerin to produce bigger bubbles. 

    Once you are through with the mixture, pour it into a flat rimmed tray and dip in a massive wand. You can make a wand yourself by bending a wire hanger into a loop. Then teach your little ones how to lift the wand to produce monster bubbles gently. 

    #7. Investigate Your Yard with Magnifying Glass

    Yard investigation is one of the outdoor activities for adults and kids. It’s a way of teaching environmental consciousness to your little ones. When they investigate the environment with a magnifying glass, they will notice several things. 

    You can investigate the bugs, weeds, and other things within your yard with a magnifying glass. After the exercise, ask your kids to draw what they saw during the investigation. It’s a great way to trigger their creativity. 

    #8. Hunt for Dinosaur Bones 

    Every kid loves dinosaur stories. So, engaging in a dinosaur hunt is a great activity to keep your little ones outdoors. You can get toy bones from any kid store and use it for dinosaur bones hunt. 

    This activity is similar to “digging for treasure.” But in this case, your kid will be searching for dinosaur bones. 

    It’s one of the adventurous fall outdoor activities for adults and kids. And after the exercise, ask your kids to narrate their experience. 

    #9. Play Hide and Seek 

    Hide and seek is an interesting outdoor activity that your little ones will be passionate about. However, it’s advisable to exercise caution when playing this game because your toddler or preschooler may be frightened when they are hiding or unable to find you. 

    Introduce your little ones into the game of hide and seek gradually. You can start by hiding in areas where they can easily spot you. Also, you can aid them in finding you by making obvious noise. It’s one of the best outdoor activities for kids.

    #10. Bake With Mud 

    Baking with mud is a unique activity to engage your kids outdoors. It’s fun and gives them the impression that they are baking snacks. 

    All you need are old cooking utensils like pans, old pots, and cutlery. With these, you and your kids can start baking with mud. Depending on what you have in mind, you can bake a cake and season it with flowers, stones, leaves, and seeds. 

    #11. Escape the Water Jet

    Generally, kids love any outdoor activity that involves playing with water. Escape the water jet game is fun and entertaining. But you will need a water hose to carry out this activity. 

    You can play this game anywhere around your yard. All you need do is to connect your hose to a water inlet and ask your kid to stay within a limit. And once you turn on the tap, aim the hose at your child. 

    #12. Pass the Ball 

    Pass the ball is one of the outdoor winter activities for toddlers and preschoolers. It’s fun and helps to keep your little ones mentally alert. 

    It’s easy to participate in the pass the ball challenge. All you need is a rubber ball and ask your kids to stand in line. 

    Once the first kid holds the ball, he says “one” and passes it to the next kid. And the next kid will say “one” and hand it over to the next kid. And when you say stop, the last kid with the ball will leave the game. 

    #13. Treasure Hunt

    Treasure hunting is another great outdoor activity your little ones will appreciate. It involves hiding treasure belonging to your kids and ask them to search for them. However, the toys need to be easy for them to find. Otherwise, they may lose interest quickly. 

    #14. Make Fairy Soup 

    Making fairy soup is another great way to keep your toddlers and preschoolers outdoor. The activity teaches them how to make concoctions by mixing leaves, petals, and grass. It’s not a mere fun activity; it strengthens your kids’ coordination, snipping, pouring, and stirring skills. 

    #15. Look for Shape in the Sky

    Looking for shape in the sky is one of the best fall outdoor activities for adults and kids. It strengthens your bond with your little ones and keeps them outdoor for a while. 

    Get your partner and your little ones to lie outside your yard and look for shapes in the sky. Identify the shapes with your little ones and possibly tell them stories about the cloud’s different shapes.  

    #16. Use Sticks to Draw Shapes in the Dirt 

    This is an outdoor psychomotor activity that helps your little ones to develop early writing skills. It’s fun and could trigger creativity in children. 

    #17. Hunt for Mini Beast 

    Minibeast hunt is a fun and educative outdoor activity for toddlers. This activity involves going for a walk with your toddlers and preschoolers and allow them to identify insects. 

    Before the activity starts, you will need to create an identification sheet containing pictures of different insects. So, whenever your kids identify an insect around the yard, you tick it for them. 

    Minibeast hunt enables your kids to learn names of insect, identification, numeracy, and communication skills. 

    #18. Build With Mud Bricks 

    Building with mud bricks is another fun activity that will keep your little ones busy outdoors. All you need to do is to mix muddy soil with water inside an ice cube tray. Allow it to dry and use the bricks to build a small structure in your garden. 

    #19. Organize a nature Scavenger hunt 

    Nature scavenger hunt is one of the best outdoor activities for kids. It’s fun, entertaining, and adventurous. It’s easy, sketch the things you can find in your garden, and use it as a hunt list. 

    Take your kids outdoors to search for these things, and strike out any sketch your little ones recognize in the garden. 

    #20. Leaf Printing 

    Leaf printing is one of the fall outdoor activities for adults and kids. It’s easy, take your kids outdoors, get different types of leaves, paint one side of each leaf, and stamp them on a plain sheet. Your kids will be amazed at the beautiful artwork they will create from leaf printing activity. 

    #21. Which One is Missing?

    What’s missing? It is an outdoor educational activity that helps to boost your kids’ memory. Tell you little ones to bring some items out like wooden spoons, favorite toys, teddies, etc. 

    They can bring out up to four or five items. Take them to the yard, get the kids to close their eyes, remove one of the items, and ask them which one is missing.

    #22. Build a Den 

    Den building is another outdoor game that makes your little ones think creatively and build their confidence. Get sticks and start building different structures as a den. To make it more fun, you can draw a structure and ask your kids to build it using sticks. 

    #23. Climbing 

    Most kids love climbing, and it’s an excellent way to take them off-screen for a while. It helps to increase your kids’ strength, endurance, and flexibility. 

    #24. Sensory Exploration 

    Sensory exploration is a great outdoor activity that allows your little ones to examine, discover, and categorize their natural environment, including the leaves, grass, etc. 

    #25. Bake Mud Pies 

    Mud again? Well, kids love playing with mud, and teaching them how to bake pies with it is a fun way to keep them outdoors. 

    #26. Homemade Ribbon Sticks 

    You can engage your kids outdoors by teaching them how to make their twirling ribbon sticks. It’s as easy as getting sticks and tying ribbons to one of their ends. Ensure that your kids tie the ribbons securely to the sticks. 

    #27. Sight Word Puddle Jumping

    Every kid loves jumping in puddles. It’s like a childhood rite to passage. It’s fun and a perfect outdoor activity when it’s raining. But ensure that your little ones are wearing appropriate clothing for the weather. 

    #28. Make Nature Wand 

    Kids find it interesting when they make their nature wand. It’s a fun outdoor activity designed to make your kids more interested in nature and triggers their imagination. 

    #29. Create a Magical Fairy Garden 

    Creating a magical fairy garden is one of the best outdoor activities to spur your kids’ imagination. Depending on your creativity, you can use miniature items to create an amazing scene that your kids can’t resist. 

    #30. Mud Painting 

    Baking isn’t the only fun activity you can use mud for; it’s also great for painting. Teach your kids how to paint using mud and watch them as they keep themselves busy. 

    #31. Make Log Stepping Stones 

    Making log stepping stones is a great way to increase your kids’ muscles, health, and bones. They can also use it to practice balancing. 

    #32. Create a Beautiful Nature Collage 

    Nature collage creation is an adventurous and fun outdoor activity to keep your little ones busy. Take your kids around your yard, collect beautiful flowers, or any other creature, use them to create a unique collage. 

    #33. Make Tree Rubbings 

    Tree rubbings is an interesting outdoor activity for kids. It involves taking your kids out to collect different leaves, keep them on a flat surface, place a piece of paper on the surface, and start rubbing crayons over the paper.

    #34. Hula Hoop Jumping 

    Hula hoop-jumping is one of the best outdoor activities for kids. Place about four or five hula hoops on the floor next to each other and encourage your little one to jump from one hula hoop to another. 

    #35. Make Shapes on the Ground 

    On a warm sunny day, you can take your little ones outdoors to make shapes on the ground. Get sticks and leaves, and create different shapes with them. 

    For instance, you can make a square with a triangle to represent a house. Try to make as many shapes as possible and watch your little ones create theirs. 

    #36. Tell an Interesting Story Outside 

    Another great way to keep your kids outdoors is to tell them an interesting story that inspires curiosity. It could be a story about the animal kingdom, or any other story you think your little ones will like. 

    #37. Draw Round Your Shadow

    Drawing around each other’s shadow is an entertaining activity, your little ones will love. But the best time to play this game is during the early hours of the morning or late afternoon when the sun is lower in the sky. That’s when your kids can visibly see their shadows. 

    #38. Digging in the Dirt 

    Generally, kids like playing and digging around the yard. While this is a fun activity for little ones, it helps them be more creative, understand weight, and improve their fine motor skills. 

    #39. Hula Hoop Target Practice

    The hula hoop target practice is an outdoor activity designed to help your little ones develop their aiming skill. It involves holding a hula hoop in the air and getting your toddler to throw a ball through the middle. Kids always find hula hoop target practice interesting. 

    #40. Ride a Bike or Scooter Around the Neighborhood

    It’s easy to keep your little ones busy outdoors; if they have a bike or scooter, they can ride around the neighborhood. It keeps them fit, energetic, and less prone to obesity.

    #41. Have a family meal outside 

    When was the last time you had a family meal outside? Well, it’s an outdoor activity to keep your little ones off the screen for a while. 

    #42. Take a Dog for a Walk 

    The next time you take your dog for a walk, try going with your little ones. With this, they will spend time outdoors and understand the neighborhood. 

    #43. Take Your Kids Hiking 

    Hiking is an easy way to connect your toddlers and preschoolers to the outdoors. When they go hiking continuously, they tend to appreciate and enjoy nature. 

    #44. Read books to Them Outside

    Another good way to keep your kids outdoors is to bring out some books and them under the tree

    #45. Go for Sound Safari 

    Sound safari is one of the best outdoor activities for adults and kids. It’s easy, sketch out different objects and their corresponding sounds. Take your little ones outside to identify the objects and the sound they make. 

    #46. Explore Crabs, Shells, and Rocks at the Beach 

    This is an enjoyable outdoor activity that makes little ones use their natural curiosity. Take them to a nearby beach and ask them to explore crabs, shells, and rocks. But if there’s no beach around, you can do it at your yard or nearby park. 

    #47. Backyard Obstacle Course 

    The backyard obstacles course is an interesting outdoor activity that helps your kids improve their agility. Build different obstacles around your yard, and watch your little ones jumping over and crawling through the obstacles. 

    #48. Host Relay Races or Competition 

    You can host a relay race or competition among your kids; this will keep them outdoor, expose them to sunlight, and increase vitamin D in their bodies. 

    #49. Bowling 

    Surprise? Don’t be; you can set up a bowling game for your kids in your backyard. But you need to improvise with cans or bottles. Once you set up the bowling using cans or bottles, allow them to roll a heavy ball towards the pins. They will definitely find this activity engaging. 

    #50. Sack race 

    Sack race is another great outdoor activity to keep your little ones busy. It’s a physical exercise that strengthens your kids and makes them energetic. 


    Spending time outdoors is vital to the physical and mental development of your kids. It makes them less prone to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc. And participating in different outdoor activities with your little ones enable you to create an unbreakable bond with them. 

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