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    Change A Flat Tyre User Guide


    How to change flat tyre

    General Purpose: Our general purpose is to inform.
    Specific Purpose: At the end of speech, audience will be able to correctly change a tire.

    Thesis and Preview: Today I’m going to be discussing the proper way to change a flat tire, which includes recognizing you have a flat tire, pulling over in a safe location, and finally taking off the flat tire and putting on the new one.

    Introduction: NBC News Journalist Nicole Spector’s study shows that “only 42.2% of people in the United States are confident in changing a flat tire”. According to the same article, a big cause of the lack of knowledge in this area is the internet. Nicole Spector exclaims that internet tutorials are certainly helpful, but you should still have a basic understanding of how to change a tire (NBC, 2016). With my grandpa being a mechanic, I was taught at a young age how to do basic tasks on vehicles.

    Today, I want to talk about how to successfully change a tire. First, you must notice that your tire is flat, and it needs to be changed, you will then pullover in a safe location without jerking the wheel, now you can get started on changing the tire.

    I. First of all, let’s find out how you will know when you have a flat tire.
    A. AA Motoring says if a tire is under-inflated, you will start to feel the wheel shake due to their being unbalanced. If a tire goes flat while your driving, you should feel and hear a thump and vibration. This is commonly followed by loud flapping noise from the tire. If the front tire is flat, you may feel the wheel pulling to the left or right. (AA Motoring, 2017).
    Transition: Now that we understand what it feels like when you have a flat tire, let’s talk about how to safely pull over and change your tire. If you don’t know how to do that visit this website: tehnicki pregled

    II. Second, let’s run through the steps on how to safely stop after you notice you have a flat tire.

    1. As soon as you realize you have a flat tire, do not abruptly brake or turn the wheel. You will need to slowly reduce speed and look for a straight stretch of road in which you can see oncoming drivers.

    2. When you find a place to stop, turn on your hazard lights so other drivers see you on the shoulder and turn on your parking brake, so it prevents your car from rolling.
    Transition: Now that we know how to identify a flat tire, and we are in a safe position, we can now move on to the next step.

    III. Finally, I will now teach you how to change your flat tire.
    A. The first thing that you will want to do is get out of the car and access the tire. You will then loosen the lug nuts on the flat tire but not remove them entirely yet. You will then need to place a vehicle jack under the vehicle near the tire. Once the jack is in position, you can go ahead and raise it.

    B. After you have raised the vehicle with the jack, you should be able to remove the lug nuts by hand since you have already loosened them. You can now slide the flat tire off the lug bolts.
    1.Make sure you set the tire on its side, so it doesn’t roll away.

    C. Once you have the flat tire removed, it is time to place your spare tire. You will first need to slide the tire onto the lug bolts that you just took the spare tire off of. Once the tire is on the lug bolts, you will need to tighten the lug nuts on by hand as tight as you can.

    You will then lower the vehicle jack near the ground but not quite touching. After you have done this you will need to use a wrench to tighten the lug nuts all the way. Once the lug nuts are tightened all the way, you can lower the vehicle to the ground. Be sure to check the tire pressure in all your tires before you hit the road!!

    Transition: Congratulations, you have just learned how to change a flat tire!!
    Conclusion: In conclusion, I would like to recall the main points I have talked about today. First, you need to recognize you have a flat tire in which you will hear a loud thump or vibration. Second, you will need to pull over safely by using your hazard lights and finding a straight road where oncoming drivers will see you.

    Finally, You will change the tire by taking the lug nuts off and putting them back on with the spare tire. Knowing the proper way to recognize, pull over, and change your flat tire will come in handy as almost 60% of American’s don’t know-how.


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